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Au Pair Host Family FAQ’s

Is an au pair the right option for our family?

    • Do you need an extra set of hands to help with childcare?
    • Do you have at least one child under the age of 16 living with you?
    • You are able to be an au pair host family? This includes providing an au pair with their own room in your house and covering all costs associated with hosting an au pair
    • You are excited to host someone with a different culture in your home, learning from them and treating the au pair as another member of your family.

If you have answered yes to all of these questions, then hosting an au pair could be a solution for you. An au pair will take care of your children and assist with some household tasks. This will also give you an opportunity to experience a cultural exchange.

What costs are involved with having an au pair? You will need to provide your au pair with their own room in your house. You will also need to provide them with full board. You will also need to pay your au pair their weekly pocket money. In addition to living costs you will also need to look into appropriate insurances for your home and car.

How much childcare experience will my au pair have? All of our au pairs have some level of childcare experience. This ranges from babysitting, working in a childcare centre, tutoring, sports coaching, interning at a kindergarten or a camp counsellor. All of our au pairs have been reference checked. Furthermore, all of our au pairs will be first aid trained and completed our online training course.

Will my au pair know how to drive? Yes, it is a requirement for all au pairs in our program to have a drivers licence. It is the responsibility of the host family to assess the driving ability of the au pair before allowing access to the car. It is also the responsibility of the host family to include the au pair on your car insurance policy.

Can I ask my au pair to work extra hours on the weekend? You will need to discuss this with your au pair. If you do ask your au pair to work extra hours you will need to reward them with extra pay.  

What if I do not like my au pair? Sometimes things do not work out, and we cannot guarantee that you will get along with your au pair. Your au pair’s contract will state there is a 14 day notice period.

Prior to your au pair giving in your notice, we advise them to get in touch with their Job Search Representative. We recommend you communicate with your au pair. You need to keep communication lines open and it is best to talk about any issues that may arise. Sometimes just talking about any problems may lead to a resolution.

Tips for finding the perfect au pair We give you profiles of au pairs to choose from. You will have the opportunity to meet and interview your potential au pair. It is important to find an au pair that has the right skills and personality for your family.

When your au pair first arrives in your home, you will need to discuss your expectations and set out a clear description of their duties. You will need to show your au pair what to do as well as having written checklists and schedules. You have to bear in mind that your au pair is new to Australia and may have never been an au pair before.

When an issue arises, it is best to talk about it straight away. The au pair may not realise there is an issue until you let them know.