One of the perks of being a Job Search member is the endless supply of drink specials that are at your disposal. Below are only a few examples of what offers are out there for you!Don’t forget to flash your membership card otherwise staff may not know you are Job Search.Terms and Conditions do apply. See in store for details. For a full list of your discounts please contact us here. View your travel discounts today!

Participating Bars in Australia


Monday Nights – Brainwave TriviaTuesday Nights – Silent Discos and Monthly Foam PartiesWednesday Nights – Wet WednesdaysThursday Nights – One Sleep Til Friday! Live Music 




Job Search members get 20% off food and drinks in the bar!Monday nights – Mexican Mondays / Limbo CompetitionsTuesday nights – Musical Bingo (cash prizes and private rooms up for grabs!)Wednesday nights – Beer PongThursday nights – Pub CrawlSunday nights – BBQ 

Cairns – Serpent Bar at Nomads Cairns

Job Search members get 20% of Food and Drinks in the bar

Participating Bars in New Zealand