7 Reasons Australia is the Perfect Working Holiday Destination

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Australia is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic backpacker destinations in the world. But, more than that, it is the original home of the working holiday. For decades, young people have been making their way down under in search of employment for a year. But, why Australia? What is it about this island that makes it so perfect … Read More

5 Reasons To Take 5 Minutes to Slow Down

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Our lives are non-stop. Whether that’s when we’re working or even when we’re travelling. Combine that with the time spent on the internet or social media, and we barely have enough time to take a few minutes to relax and breathe. Living life at 100 miles per hour can not only be exhausting; it can be damaging to our health. … Read More

Having trouble finding work in Perth? Read to find out why.


Western Australia (WA) has one of the highest unemployment rates in Australia. In November 2016 it had an unemployment rate of 6.9%, which decreased in February. The national unemployment level also rose earlier this year. The jobs market is becoming better in Perth and surrounding areas despite the national percentage rising. Current statistics show that WA is now only just … Read More

‘Sponsorship Visa’ Abolished by AU PM

This just in; The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has abolished the 457 work visa; which is commonly used to sponsor skilled workers from overseas. The visa saw 45,000 people sponsored to work in Australia in the past year alone. The PM wants to push for an “Australians first” regime, in which Australians will be prioritised over foreign workers, when … Read More

7 things you must do whilst in Sydney

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You’ve had your never-ending flights with some random stop-over in the middle east, you’ve arrived in Sydney, set yourself up with 5 new roommates, had way too much goon and ended up at The Scary Canary. But what do you do now? Well don’t stress. We’ve compiled a list of the best things for you to do in Sydney, whether … Read More

6 things you need to know about the Australian Backpacker tax changes

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The recent changes in the Australian backpacker tax have caused a lot of confusion, not only amongst working holiday backpackers but also amongst many employers and even some accountants and tax agents. Below, we’ve listed 6 simple facts that may clear up your questions! From January 1, the tax rate for working holidaymakers in Australia has been made 15% on … Read More

Why would you want to be an Au Pair in New Zealand?

Au Pair work New Zealand – an excellent way to earn good money, save your pennies and see a side of New Zealand that not everyone experiences. If you are passionate about children and looking for a good way to experience the ‘typical’ New Zealand,  Au Pair work is the way to go! Below are 5 reasons to get you … Read More

Important Tax Changes for Working Holiday Makers

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Our friends at Taxback.com have informed us of important changes to tax laws regarding Working Holiday Makers. In conjunction with the changes being implemented to the visa, all tax law changes will be set in place form 1st January 2016. The main changes to be aware of are; New laws will be in place from Jan 1st 15% tax rate … Read More

Important Visa Updates for Working Holiday Makers

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2016 has seen some great changes to the Australian working holiday programs and additional changes are planned for 2017. Visafirst.com, our registered visa partners gives us a brief summary below. The work and holiday visa (462 subclass) has seen some exciting changes recently announced for all those visiting or planning to visit Australia from the USA and those countries eligible … Read More

Important Changes to the Work and Holiday Programme

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The Australian Working Holiday Programme has proposed some significant changes which are expected to come into effect from 1 Jan 2017: The key changes are summarised as follows: Visa Application Charge – The price of the working holiday visa is set to drop by A$50 from A$440 to A$390 – making the visa that bit more affordable for you. Increased … Read More