Step-by-Step Guide: How to settle in New Zealand

queenstown - settle in new zealand

Your plane just landed on the holy grounds of New Zealand but you don’t know how to settle in New Zealand. You’re awfully excited for your stay in Aotearoa and you’re here on a working holiday visa! But what now? How do you get started? What should you do first? What do you need? And where do you get it? … Read More

Prepare a CV for Job Hunting

prepare a CV - how to write a cv

To have a good curriculum vitae, (CV), also known as a Resume, is important for the majority of job hunts you’ll be undertaking and it’s important that you prepare a CV for Job Hunting. A curriculum vitae is how you ‘sell yourself’ to your potential new employer so it’s important that the information contained in it is relevant to the … Read More

How to write a CV / Resume

prepare a CV - how to write a cv

Writing a CV is something that at one point we are all going to have to do, so we’ll tell you how to write a CV as it can seem a little daunting at first. We’ve also included a CV template for you to look at. Remember, you are competing against other people for the same job, so you need to … Read More

Working Holiday Visas (WHV)

working holiday visas australia working holiday visa

If you’ve never had a working holiday, or applied for a working holiday visa (or WHV), in a country like Australia or New Zealand it can be pretty hard to organise it all by yourself. What do you have to do, to arrange and to think of when you are planning a working holiday to the other side of the … Read More

Why bother with Health and Travel Insurance?

health and travel insurance

For some health and travel insurance would be the last thing on their mind; for others, it’s the very thing that will bug them so long as they have not gotten any yet. Here are just a few reasons why you should always have health and travel insurance while backpacking: Most health and travel insurance will cover and pay for your … Read More

Life Lesson Learned when Backpacking

tourist - backpacking, life lesson

Here’s an important life lesson I learned whilst backpacking and looking for an income. Lots of backpackers are more than willing to do pretty much anything if it means that they can travel for longer around their chosen destination. Throughout Australia and New Zealand there are many different kinds of jobs you could find yourself doing… From being a cleaner to … Read More

Fruit Picking Jobs Australia

fruit picking seasons fruit picking jobs nz visa

Fruit picking is an awesome way for backpackers to earn extra cash during their trip when travelling in the countryside of Australia. There are many backpackers using fruit picking jobs as a way of funding their trip, meanwhile they enjoy the stunning nature of Australia! Locations & Seasons Queensland New South Wales Victoria Tasmania South Australia Western Australia Northern Territory … Read More

Pearling Jobs in Australia

pearling jobs

The farming of oysters for pearls and associated products is called pearling. The heart of the Australian pearling jobs industry is located in Broome in Western Australia. You can also find pearling work in Queensland and near Darwin. How is a pearl formed? “Pearls are formed when a pearl oyster coats any hard particle entering it with layers of nacre, … Read More

All you need to know about Working in a Hostel

hostel jobs work in a hostel work australia visa

You may not think much of hostel jobs, you may even thinking that hostel work is just a waste of time, all you do is just party; but you might just be wrong. Hostel jobs or working in the backpacking industry, believe it or not, provides a myriad of opportunities for those who enjoy a slightly different lifestyle to the norm. For … Read More