Pearling Jobs in Australia

pearling jobs

The farming of oysters for pearls and associated products is called pearling. The heart of the Australian pearling jobs industry is located in Broome in Western Australia. You can also find pearling work in Queensland and near Darwin. How is a pearl formed? “Pearls are formed when a pearl oyster coats any hard particle entering it with layers of nacre, … Read More

All you need to know about Working in a Hostel

hostel jobs work in a hostel work australia visa

You may not think much of hostel jobs, you may even thinking that hostel work is just a waste of time, all you do is just party; but you might just be wrong. Hostel jobs or working in the backpacking industry, believe it or not, provides a myriad of opportunities for those who enjoy a slightly different lifestyle to the norm. For … Read More

Getting a Working Holiday Visa – 6 easy steps

getting a working holiday visa new zealand

Starting your trip to New Zealand or Australia begins with getting a working holiday visa. The working holiday visa (or WHV) is the best option for backpackers who want to discover, experience and do some work in one of the two greatest countries in the world; Australia or New Zealand. The working holiday visa allows you to stay for 12 months … Read More

Hard but Awesome Work on a farm

dairy farming - work on a farm

The alarm is ringing way too early, everyone else in the room is still sleeping, OMG, I am a backpacker and I have my first day at work on a farm called Forest Nursery! No time left for having breakfast I am leaving the hostel and waiting for the bus to pick me up to work. Thank God the rest of the … Read More

Find your way through the backpacker Jobs Jungle

backpacker jobs jungle

What types of backpacker jobs are available? You don’t know how or where to find a job? You don’t have a clue what kind of job could fit you or even what to expect from backpacker jobs? There are loads of websites which provide information but how to find a way through it all? I will give you a short overview about … Read More

Why Bother Working Abroad?

working holiday visa australia cafe work backpacker jobs working abroad

Many backpackers leave home to escape work but working abroad in another country is an incredibly unique experience with many more benefits than disadvantages. So the jobs aren’t always perfect but they can really make your trip something to remember. Why Bother Working Abroad? 1. You can stay away for longer Unless you have previously won the lottery or worked … Read More

Fruit Picking Season New Zealand

fruit picking seasons fruit picking jobs nz visa

Want to extend your New Zealand Working Holiday Visa (WHV)? Well doing 3 months fruit picking work is a good way to extend your visa and enable you to stay in the country for a bit longer. Fruit picking jobs are also a fantastic way to see parts of the countryside you may otherwise never see (and because the creepy crawlies … Read More

Tips for getting a job in Byron Bay

job in byron bay

Byron Bay attracts thousands of new tourists every day. People generally intend to stay a week or a few days, though soon fall into what we like to call the “Byron Bay Bubble”. In this bubble you’ll live the extraordinary lifestyle of being able to choose from an array of beautiful beaches, soak up the artistic atmosphere of live music … Read More

Dairy Farming in New Zealand

dairy farming in New Zealand

Dairy Farming may not be a job you’ve previously thought of doing as a backpacker or you may be an expert in this field. Whatever your level of experience there are lot’s of Dairy Farming Jobs available throughout New Zealand. So here’s a bit more information about the positions available which you can find and apply for through our job … Read More