Emigrating to Australia? You Need to Read This

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So your working holiday visa ran out but you fell in love with Australia and want to move here permanently? It’s a common occurrence and although there’s a lot of official paperwork to deal with there are other things to consider too. So I’ve put together some advice on emigrating to Australia to make it a bit easier.

Like many around the globe, my best friend, James caught the Aussie bug and decided that it was time to turn what had started as a 3-month backpack venture into permanent residency.

When I caught up with him he told me he made a number of mistakes when making the move and he would do it differently if he ever had the chance again.

What Official Documents Do You Need?

The very first thing you’re going to need to research is the type of visa you need. Fortunately, the Australian Government has a very useful tool to help you work out which type of permanent residency to apply for or whether you’re applying for citizenship.

Hiring a migration agent isn’t a necessity but is recommended. You should find out more information before committing but if you do decide to hire one always ensure that they are Government officiated.

You’re also going to need to prove that you have the correct Australian health insurance before you are given a visa. Australia’s healthcare system differs to a number of countries such as the UK who provide a free healthcare service. Australia is similar but typically only covers what is defined as ‘emergency treatments’.

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Removals to Australia

Don’t sacrifice quality for cost. James claims that this is one of his biggest regrets. He planned to move into a cheap apartment and spend most of his time traveling around Australia staying at a range of different hostels. Therefore, he wasn’t that bothered about the majority of the possessions he was bringing as he didn’t plan to spend much time with them.

What happened was, ignoring bad reviews, he went for the cheapest removal service he could find. It was no surprise then when a lot of his property was delivered late or broken and he was thankful for that because some stuff never arrived at all.

Moving overseas can seem daunting but don’t let the stress make you rush the process. Take your time to find a moving company that will walk you through the process of emigrating to Australia from the UK or other long-haul countries. Compare quotes and do your research to find the right service for you. You don’t want to be getting into Australia to be spending weeks in your new home without furniture.

Saving Money and Preparing your Bank Account for the Move

If you’ve already had a working holiday in Australia it’s more than likely you already have a bank account but deposit some savings into an Australian bank account as soon as possible.

If you haven’t working in Australia and need a bank account you can try and open a bank account six weeks after arriving, but it’s more than likely you will be asked to provide paperwork or documents you don’t yet have. Australia isn’t like other countries, you have the option to open a bank account an entire year before you actually move.

This is a good idea because you can start spending almost immediately as you arrive so if something does go wrong in another area of the transition, you can rest assured you are fully prepared.

Even if you think the move is in the seemingly distant future, start looking at ways you can save money and transfer those funds to your new Australian account. Every little helps. Check your bank account, both your current one to see where you can save money for Australia and your new one to ensure you aren’t being wrongly taxed.

There are a number of costs you might need to be prepared for when emigrating to Australia. Having an Australian bank account will tend to make this process smoother and easier for you to work out costs and budget. It will also help you when it comes to processes like hiring a migration agent.

Emigrating to Australia with pets

emigrating to australia with pets

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It might not be one of the first things that come to mind when you first think about emigrating to Australia but its certainly one you need to think about. While many people decide that it is just too much hassle to take a pet oversees with them, James couldn’t stand the idea of leaving his dog, Rupert, behind.

If your pet is like Rupert and an important family member don’t worry, there are definitely options!

The first thing you should do is to make sure they are checked before they travel. A change in the Australian law means that as of 2014 if your pet is healthy, they are cleared to be returned after just 10 days instead of the previous 30. However, there is an emphasis on the word health, every animal has to be tick and virus free. Rupert wasn’t and had to spend almost two months in quarantine undergoing tests, all at James expense. Something that could have been prevented with a quick trip to the vets prior to leaving.

There are a number of sites that provide information and services when it comes to taking pets to Australia. Making sure they arrive happy and in once piece is the number one priority, so it’s definitely worth paying for a professional service.

Author: Josiah Harris is a journalism graduate that has been traveling the world for the last year. It doesn’t matter how weird, wonderful or dangerous a country is, you can rest assured Josiah has either been or plans to go. Very much a people person he enjoys making new friends and exploring the unknown with them. His dream is that one day he can find a singular culture that satisfies his lust for travel.