Having trouble finding work in Perth? Read to find out why.

Western Australia (WA) has one of the highest unemployment rates in Australia. In November 2016 it had an unemployment rate of 6.9%, which decreased in February. The national unemployment level also rose earlier this year.The jobs market is becoming better in Perth and surrounding areas despite the national percentage rising. Current statistics show that WA is now only just shy off the national average. The national average has stayed steady during March sitting at 5.9%.These figures can be alarming and the purpose of this article is to educate those who wish to travel to Perth to work. It is a much loved Australian city that should be seen, explored and lived in as a local. Despite the unemployment rate rising nationally, we can celebrate that the national employment rate is also rising with an extra 16.5 (000) employed between February 2017 – March 2017.Don’t be frightened off, but be prepared that finding a job in Western Australia, no matter the industry is going to be difficult. You just need to be persistent. Be an active searcher. Use multiple methods to find a job, whether that be different; search engines, agencies or even face to face contact with businesses by handing out your CV.For those asking ‘What should I do to increase my chances’; upskill where possible, it could be as simple as completing your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) or White Card. Volunteer work is always beneficial and will give you vital experience. Depending on the length of your time there, they might even be willing to be a reference for you. All these things will assist you securing a job.The most important thing to remember is to not be disappointed or disheartened by the lack of responses or rejection letters. Unfortunately, not everyone can be successful in an interview. There are many reasons for someone not getting a job; whether they be not enough experience or that simply another candidate was stronger but if there another position they would have offered it to you.Keep trying and stay hopeful.
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