Important Changes to the Work and Holiday Programme

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The Australian Working Holiday Programme has proposed some significant changes which are expected to come into effect from 1 Jan 2017:The key changes are summarised as follows:
  • Visa Application Charge – The price of the working holiday visa is set to drop by A$50 from A$440 to A$390 – making the visa that bit more affordable for you.
  • Increased Age Limit – The cut-off age will increase from 30 to 35 – great news if you already turned 31 and missed your opportunity to apply.
  • Work Rights – You can now stay for up to 12 months with the same employer – limited to 6 months in any region.
  • 2nd Working Holiday Visa – If you didn’t already use your 2nd year working holiday visa, you can now apply for your second working holiday visa up to the age of 35.
  • Tax Rate changes – The tax rate will be reduced from 32.5% to 19% on all income you earn up to A$37,000. The usual tax rate applies above A$37,000.
  • Employer Registration – Employers who hire workers under the working holiday programs will be required to register with the Australian Tax Office for the lower tax rate.
The changes will apply to the following visa programs: These changes will benefit you if you are considering Australia as a Working Holiday destination or if you are already here on the programme!For more information on how to get a visa for Australia please click here