Prepare a CV for Job Hunting

prepare a CV - how to write a cv

To have a good curriculum vitae, (CV), also known as a Resume, is important for the majority of job hunts you’ll be undertaking and it’s important that you prepare a CV for Job Hunting. A curriculum vitae is how you ‘sell yourself’ to your potential new employer so it’s important that the information contained in it is relevant to the position you’re applying for. There is no ‘best way’ to write a CV, the perfect template does not exist and different types of jobs may need a different focus on different aspects regarding the job advertised.

After completing your search for a job it’s time to write your CV. A CV is your own personal document and should be structured and tailored to the job you’re applying for, as long as the basic framework is still there.

The basic format for a CV includes:

  • Personal details
  • Career history
  • Achievements (work related)
  • Educational history
  • Interests and skills
  • References

Prepare A CV for Job Hunting

So that’s the format but for every single job you apply for, you should tailor it so that it’s relevant for the duties and responsibilities of the position you’re applying for. For example, if you’re on a working holiday and are applying for a waiting job it’s really not necessary to talk about your amazing office administration skills, in the CV or in your job interview! Check out some handy tips about preparing for a job interview here.

Most jobs have some skills that are easily transferrable to other positions. If you’re going for a customer service job, when you write about your previous roles focus on the areas that were customer facing.

Although there are no set rules or guidelines on how long a CV should be, in general 2 pages of A4 paper is more than enough. Career and education history can be summarised on a single page as long as important information pertaining to the job you’re applying for is mentioned.


  1. DO NOT crowd your text or have a small and hard to read font.
  2. Check your spelling! There is nothing more off putting than numerous spelling mistakes in a job application.
  3. Don’t lie about previous experience, you’ll more than likely get found out and your new employer won’t be impressed if you said you’re an expert at Excel spreadsheets and then can’t create a simple formula in one.

If you purchase one of our work packages before your arrival in Australia or New Zealand we provide you with a basic CV template and can offer face to face advice on how to improve yours if necessary.