Health and safety course


Health and Safety is important in Australia no matter the industry you work in. By completing this short course you will putting yourself ahead of other candidates by being heavily educated in safe working environments. This course is appropriate for office workers, construction workers or someone who travels regularly for work. Know your rights and where you stand in different working situations.

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Course outline

  • Health and Safety Policies, Procedures, Inspections and Reporting
  • Introduction to Health and Safety legislation, Licensing and registration
  • Violence: Verbal, physical and digital
  • Health, Wellbeing, Stress and Fatigue
  • Officers, Workers, Managers and Employers Duties
  • Children and Young and Mature aged workers
  • Harmful Chemicals, Fire and Electrical Safety
  • Construction
  • Road, Vehicle and Traffic Safety
  • Records, Risks, Signs and Hazards
  • Working Environments
  • Working Environments II
  • Industrial action, work stoppages and Unions
  • Safety Recruitment, Volunteers and Contractors
  • Training, First Aid and Consultations
  • Management of change and Supervision of Safety
  • Drugs, alcohol and smoking