Top 5 Job Hunting Tips for backpackers Looking for Work in Australia and New Zealand

tourist visa australia job hunting tips for backpackers
Starting to get a bit short on cash? Struggling to find a job? Maybe it’s time for some basic job hunting tips… The job market is very competitive, as I’m sure quite a few of you backpackers already here know; but you can find a job more easily by remembering the basic needs that employers are looking for.

Job Hunting Tips

  • Make sure that you go job hunting looking smart. Your job may be casual, but employers still want to see that you’ve made an effort. This doesn’t mean dressing up – just make sure you and your clothes are clean and tidy. Also make sure that you are well groomed. The hungover / just out of bed look, doesn’t really make the best impression on most employers. Make sure that you show yourself to your best advantage. Most likely you will be competing for a job that many others have applied for; employers want to see that you will look nice when representing their business. First impressions do matter.
  • Make sure your resume is up to date and looks good. Remember these managers see lots of resumes – so make sure that yours stands out! Follow these tips to make sure that your resume is at its best. However – one important tip to remember… keep it short! No one wants to look at a 3 page resume. The ideal resume is one page, two pages at the most. Remember tailor your resume to the jobs that you want.
  • Wake up and get out there! You have no idea how many times we get people come to us at reception complaining that they can’t find a job. Just like at home, you will need to get out there and pound some pavement to find a job. Remember as a traveller, you do need to show some commitment as a lot of employers will consider the fact of whether they want a short term employee versus a local who they might see as more reliable. But coming in person to hand in your resume, being willing to work a trial, and coming on time for job interviews all go a long way to prove to potential employers that you are the person for them.
  • Make sure that you do have all necessary paperwork. You won’t be able to work in Australia or New Zealand without the following: a work visa, a TFN or IRD (tax file number), and an Australian or New Zealand bank account. Without being able to present these to an employer, you won’t be in the running for most jobs. So get on it… Find out more about what you need to organise here:
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  • Expand your horizons. Remember that you are on a working holiday… maybe look at jobs that you wouldn’t normally consider back home but it could be fun to try out on a short term. Not saying fruit picking, oyster shucking, or an au pair is anyone’s dream job, but the experience can be rewarding (or at least something to write home about). Even less exotic jobs like manning the counter at McDonalds or telemarketing can help to earn you some much needed cash to finance your travels. Even if you are a manager back home, applying for high profile jobs while traveling is going to waste your time and frustrate you as your skills will not help compensate for the fact that you will be a temporary employee so most bosses won’t consider you for jobs that require more training. So if you are struggling to find a job, look at the jobs you are applying for. Maybe this is the area that you might need to adjust.
I hope you found some of these job hunting tips helpful. Remember if you are a backpacker looking for work join this Base and Nomads Jobs site (register and search for jobs here) for heaps of suitable jobs for backpackers all over Australia and New Zealand.