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Working in New Zealand

There are a few things every backpacker needs to know before trying to find work in New Zealand. For a start you must have a valid work visa to legally work in New Zealand, but you also need an IRD Number (a tax number) and a bank account! Information you need to know before arriving can all be found here… or we can advise you where to find more information. Click on the links for more info:

Types of Backpacker Jobs available in New Zealand

  • Working in Hostels
There are a fair few jobs out there that are perfect for backpackers. Some companies actively look for backpackers to fill their vacant positions. Working in hostels can be an easy job to find, however don’t rely on being able to work at any hostel as it’s all dependent on the season. read more…
  • Fruitpicking
Fruitpicking Jobs in New Zealand are not as prolific as in Australia, however there are still opportunities out there. read more…
  • Snow Jobs
There’s a fair bit of snow season work available as long as you apply early. Here’s some great information on Work in Queenstown. read more…