The Best Time for a Working Holiday in Australia

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Anyone looking to benefit from an immersive Australian experience needs to take advantage of a working holiday in Australia. An Australian working holiday is the perfect excuse to see and experience life in the Southern Hemisphere. From white sands to festival epicentres, untouched coastlines to internationally-renowned architecture, Australia delivers a diverse selection of sights and sounds, to captivate and impress everyone. See it all with the freedom to travel while you work. There’s not a better day than today to begin taking advantage of all the benefits that an Australian working holiday can send your way.

So what’s the best time for a Working Holiday in Australia? Right Now.

The First Step? Get here

Capitalise on a working holiday in Australia today, first by browsing through some jobs for backpackers. These are jobs where you know the employers are looking for backpackers on working holiday visas as they may be temporary or seasonal positions.

Fortunately, there’s loads of available occupations to choose from, the vast majority of which require just basic skills. Step into a hospitality role, contribute in a sales or retail role, or work as a kitchen hand or chef.  Check out this no nonsense guide toward getting a Working Holiday Visa for Australia. Once that you’re sure that you qualify for a visa, it’s time to realise your dream for a 12-month working holiday!

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Hospitality Work is Easy to Find

So Much to Explore

Take advantage of Australian working holiday visas to work but also live and travel in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring continents. During summer in particular, so many of Australia’s top-tier attractions are in full swing, as an increasing number of locals and visitors are out and about, enjoying the unique culture and entertainment that is Australia itself.

Explore the Cities

It simply isn’t a valid visit to Australia without time spent in some of Australia’s cities. With the majority of the cities being located on the coast, you can spend time in the main shopping centres, enjoying all the amazing restaurants and bars, and also sunbathe by a lagoon or on the beach in your lunch break or at weekends! Chill out on the steps at Sydney Opera House or treat yourself to a show. Head to Melbourne to explore art galleries, museums and the graffiti lined laneways (As well as the opportunity to see penguins at St Kilda Beach!) Brisbane is a must for it’s proximity to Moreton Island and visiting the South Bank area. Head West to visit Perth, described as the most remote capital city on earth. Or North to Cairns to spend time in a city in the tropics!

Spectacular landscapes

Of stark contrast to Australia’s well-constructed cities are its diverse landscapes. There’s everything from the underwater majesty of the Great Barrier Reef to the 12 apostles of the Great Ocean Road. Uluru is a monolith officially sanctioned in Australia as a national park, whose growth is estimated to date back some 550 million years ago. Much like an iceberg, Uluru is decidedly deeper underneath the soil, with some thinking that it might stretch some 5 or 6kms. Either way, it’s an ideal backdrop to take in picture perfect Australian sunsets!

blue mountains

The Blue Mountains near Sydney

Why you Don’t Want to Wait

There are advantages whichever season you choose to arrive in Australia. If you arrive in the middle of summer then it’ll possibly be a bit trickier to find work as most seasonal jobs will already have been filled. However this does mean you have the time to explore and enjoy the glorious weather before settling down with a job! If you arrive in winter there may be fewer jobs around in the main tourist hubs along the coast, but with Australia having pretty good weather all year round in many parts of the country it’s never that hard to find jobs for backpackers. So why wait?

Discover the Joys of a Working holiday in Australia Today

Begin your adventures in sunny Australia today, where the available sights and sounds can be outdone only by friendly locals, smiling faces and opportunities for constant adventure. From the first night you elect to stay in Australia until your last moment, you’ll find an action-packed itinerary well worth your investment. Venture across the outback, get to know indigenous species and cuisine alike, and obtain a feel for local culture and custom, all thanks to the exclusive freedom that a working holiday in Australia can allow. If you are looking for exciting things to do while in Australia, check out Trip101.

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